Where is my prestige points? Where is my 5%? Where is my money? Today, 8 June 2019: PTR3

  • Hello Dear Admin Pia,

    Today the System do not show me:

    1:How many prestige points I have received for my deliveries to cities on PTR3 server.

    2:How many dollars I have been awarded in interest due to mine Plus Account on PTR3 server.

    Although I had and I still set this options.

    3:I find it odd that even though I have carried overnight goods that have earned over $ 1,000 per tonne (344 tonnes and 580 people at a time), and the city (Grosfelden) gives me a x2 bonus because it has won 1st place at the competition between yesterday's cities, last night for a few hours, I just received an income of $ 700,000--800,000, and this morning I could not repair my locomotives at 100%, as I do every morning when I start "work" for that we had very little money ... We only hired mechanics for some locomotives with the vouchers we had on the PTR3 server.

    Please, fix this bugs.

    Thank you.

    Have a nice day!


    Lacidd23 :)

  • Hei Lacidd23 !

    Thank you for your detailed and kindly report! :)

    Unfortunately, one of our background system for PTR 3 breaks down last night.

    I can't promise when we could fix it, because our Developer are also away over the holidays. I must look, if I could reach one of them.

    When there are any new about this issue, I will post them here: +++ PTR 3 PROBLEMS +++

    Greetings and also a nice day,