Bonus engine upgrade not possible after win

  • Hi,

    when u win a bonus engine, and have a voucher for upgrade, you should be able to install it directly when it shows the bonus engine and gives you the upgrade window... the window appears, but it does not accept the upgrade, even though the right menu window appears..

    Best Kruemel

  • i can confirm this.

    I have also won 3 different bonus locomotives on PTR 3

    nothing happens when confirming selected upgrades right after the win

    you have to go further without upgrades and install them later.

  • Hello :)

    The error is already in our internal server.

    The fix will be on the ptr server with the next update on tuesdey or wednesday.



  • Hi,

    since yesterday afternoon (after the gold gift) it is not possible anymore to upgrade bonus engines - the whole process goes according to design until the final confirmation of the engine upgrade buy ... the window goes grey after confirming the buy but does not go away and no upgrades are installed..

    this happens right after buy as well as later stage upgrades