lottery tickets

  • as new era started today, bought era package, now can not scratch off lottery tickets.

    And I'll say it again, While I am THRILLED you are trying to make the step to HTML5 over Flash, this should have been done at the very beginning of the round, not in the middle

  • Huhu Webdoc,

    do you play with the graphical Station view or the list Station View?

    Did you try to scratch other lottery Tickets before you bought the Era package?



  • graphical station? list station? I just click on the station icon on the right side of the game screenm and the view changes to show all the station buiuldings I click on the lottery ticket to scratch off. I bought the era package, then went to scratch off the tickets. I was able to scratch off 1 of 4 tickets available, the first was the daily ticket from last night, but was unable to scratch off the ones I got for buying the era package all I got was a black box

  • Okay, thanks for the details! :)

    I will try to reproduce.

    And just for your informations: In the options you could change the station view from the graphical view with the buildings, to the list view where you only have the buildings in a list :)