Upgrade multiple engines

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  • Hi,

    I have "error 9 : DB connection" when I try to upgrade multiple engines.

    But after a refresh it seems okay. My upgrades are on all the trains. :/

  • Hello Ania,

    thank you for the report. This might be caused due to the Background changes we made with the Restart. Maybe the System had a hickup, because someone else wrote about the same Problem at about the same time.

    However, we had Problems with multiple Upgrades quite often recently, so I'd like to observe it a bit longer. If it happens again, please don't hesitate to write again.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Lars,

    It happened again few minutes ago. And only if I upgrade all my engines together. If I have only one train to upgrade it doesn't happen.

  • Same thing when I want to service multiple engines simultaneously. No error message but it turns in the void. I have to refresh and it's okay. All my trains are serviced.

  • Hello again,

    so we verified the Bug concerning the Upgrades and forwarded it to the dev.

    However, I just tested Multi-Maintenance as well to check on another Bug, but haven't had any issues with it :/ Except for the Bug I verified, but that was a small one.

    Do you usually only repair some Trains, or all of them?

  • I get the same error, try to upgrade multiple engines and the error 9 db connection error shows. if i restart game then all engines are upgraded

  • I still have the "little" bug ( the price still appear after the maintenance.) after the update.

    But upgrade multiple engines works now :)

  • Here the screenshot for you, Pia.

    The bug is not a reel problem because I haven't to refresh..just close the useless window.

  • That's very strange!

    We could reproduce it at the beginning on our servers, but after some changes not anymore.

    Okay, we will have a look on it again :)