short eras, skipping eras, causing issues

  • explain this to me, my lab is at the peak level 25, and I am still not going to be able to finish researching level 5 trains and coupling before end of era. Why?

  • Hello,

    it's like Schwanii said, but based on the title of your thread, I guess you were already aware of that :saint: We want to finish the second round on the new Map more quickly, to resolve Bugs that might come up.

    We're currently working on something to easier compensate the loss of time, at least in regards to Research Points. It hopefully won't be too Long until we can implement it.

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  • because they shortened the Era for 2 days.

    Just have a look at the sticky notice on the top at the right side.

    I know this. I am questioning WHY they didn't make adjustments accordingly. It is quite simple to realize that they have to make adjustments if they are cutting era short by 2 days, as everyone loses 2 days of research, 2 days of making money, 2 days of building up their station buildings.

    They should have thought of this BEFORE

  • This should have been thought of BEFORE

  • Hello,

    to clear the confusion a bit: There have been 2 Login Boni, one over the Weekend, which could be collected on every Server (but only once per Account) and another one today just for PTR3.

    Unfortunately, we can't give out Login Boni which can be collected on every Server for every Player.

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  • So easy?

    You say that if I had not collected it but opened PTR3, I could get it over here, where it would have been useful?

    Okay, now I know for next time.