Videos on loop ??

  • I cannot watch a single video on PTR3

    It loads id=22103 video but it does not start. i tried chrome, modzilla , edge, all , nothing works.

    I restart the video on and on but nothing happens

    Please fix this

  • Hello Captain America,

    did you close the window to Restart the Video, or use the reload function within the Video Player?


    if you use that function, you always get a new Video instead of the old one.

    And does the screen look like that? Then it's worth a try to just click on the play-button ,in case you haven't tried that.

    In any case, it's Always possible that the pool of Videos runs empty temporarily, in which case we can't really do anything, because it depends on the provvider, unfortunately.

    Best regards,


  • i wasn;t able to watch any videos this server, and neither are members of my team.

    we tried everything , believe me ,i play on 5 different seerver from a long time ago, i know all the tips and tricks but none are resolving the issue here

  • when i click reload it cycles thru id=22103 and id=21785 . either of them are failing to start.

    It could be a regional AD thing , because none of my members IN Romania are able to watch them.