PTR3 start in Era 1 - Restart Thread

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  • Hello,

    if you startet the PTR3 in Era1 instead of Era3 and would like to get the late start boni, just write a shortm essage into this thread, and we'll manually delete your Avatar from the gameworld, so you can start anew.

    Posts that have been worked on will get a thumbs-up from us.

  • I logged in to ery 1 and would like to take advantage of this offer and start again, I have an association in Dusseldorf - will it let me go when I start again?

    but I'm not good at writing an essay and I don't have time for it ... that's the only way to get a new log in to ery 3?

    I missed the essay and agreed in the association, but now I don't know ... :-( I don't know English, I need to use a translator

  • Hello Siena,

    we would like to be able to offer you a more elegant way, but unfortunately, this is the only one ^^

    And you'll leave the association when you get deleted, but will be able to join again - the only Problem could be that your City might be overcrowded and you have to start somewhere else,

  • so I have to write an essay? I've never written anything like that.

    And the city will be crowded. However, now the city is on 10 and I am not able to buy the wagons needed ... just skipping 2 epochs will not replace 10 vouchers for a 20% discount on construction ... nor five vouchers for a track when one costs a few thousand but can't building on the rails. Gold would have completely run out ... obviously :-)

  • I don't think you have to write an Essay, just tell them that you will Restart your round and come back in a few minutes - better than before ^^

  • sorry, ignorance of language and translator to it. Yes, I informed the chairman of the association that I would do this. I'd just like to go to the same town :-)

  • That shouldn't be necessary, but it's the save Option.

    However, as I said, I can not guarantee that you will be able to get into the same City.

    It's like when you start the Server normally - when it's overcrowded, you'll have to start somewhere else.

  • Could i get an erase too?

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  • Доброе время суток! Я начал игру на ПТР 3 5 дней назад, можно ли удалить мой аккаунт сейчас, чтобы вновь начать игру с рестартом?

  • I cannot open the ptr3 it's begin's open the choice and immediatly fall down, the end of ptr3 had finish with a crash 10 mn before.