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  • Good morning together,

    There is an error with the optimalize games settings as Abroš correct said. We're working on it so that everyone could enter PTR3 today hopefully.

    The error with the active players not shown in the city window is already in progress, thanks for reporting :)



  • well nice to be german here... the spanish community or italian or whateverelse is not respected. i said it again : if you want to make a test with german its your choice, but here its an international server.

    Si quieres, puedo hablar español de esa manera será mucho más agradable para mí.. encuentro muchos bugs pero estoy esperando a ver cuál será tu reacción antes de que me vaya más lejos

  • Moin, moin,

    sicherlich überlesen oder nicht gefunden.

    Wann wird der PTR3-Server wieder neu gestartet. Habt Ihr da schon einen Termin?

    8) Ohne Brille hätte ich wahrscheinlich die Info gefunden. 8)


    For our English speaking teammates:

    certainly overlooked or not found.

    When is the PTR3 server restarted? Do you already have an appointment?

    8) Without glasses I probably would have found the info.8)


    Para nuestros compañeros de equipo de habla hispana:

    ciertamente pasados por alto o no encontrados.

    ¿Cuándo se reiniciará el servidor PTR3? ¿Ya tiene una cita?

    8) Sin gafas probablemente habría encontrado la información. 8)


    Danke für die Info.

    Aber Ihr werdet doch noch etwas an der Streckenführung arbeiten. Manche Städte sind ja kaum miteinander zu verbinden und wenn doch, dann braucht man unendlich viele Gleise.

    Würzburg - Frankfurt und Würzburg - Nürnberg fast unmöglich und Würzburg - Karlsruhe und Würzburg . Stuttgart wird genauso lange dauern wie der Flughafen - BER :thumbsup:, also werden diese Strecken nie fertig.


    For our English speaking teammates:

    Thanks for the info.

    But you will still be working on the route. Some cities can hardly be connected with each other and if they are, you need an infinite number of tracks.

    Würzburg - Frankfurt and Würzburg - Nuremberg almost impossible and Würzburg - Karlsruhe and Würzburg . Stuttgart will take as long as the airport - BER :thumbup:, so these lines will never be finished.


    Para nuestros compañeros de equipo de habla hispana:

    Gracias por la información.

    Pero seguirás trabajando en la ruta. Algunas ciudades apenas pueden estar conectadas y si lo están, se necesitan pistas interminables.

    Würzburg - Frankfurt y Würzburg - Nuremberg casi imposible y Würzburg - Karlsruhe y Würzburg. Stuttgart tardará tanto como el aeropuerto - BER :thumbup:, así que estas líneas nunca estarán terminadas.

    Traducción realizada con el traductor DeepL Übersetzer

  • Sorry SParkling, I didn't notice we were in the wrong thread, I moved the Posts into the german section - except for Southern Rebel's, because he made such an admirable effort to translate his Question ;)

  • Hi, understanding which tracks are to be constructed to connect to other cities is quite an ordeal. It's like a maze - there are far too many ?(:(

  • Hello Delia,

    do you have a certain location that looks confusing to you? (A screenshot would be ideal ;) )

    Overall, considering that there are 50 Cities and the same amount of goods/factories, the number of tracks should be About the same, but I can understand that sometimes the layout can be Pretty obscure.

    Best regards,


  • hihi now i have 13teen locos including 2 career ones! ^^ i hope its not only a display bug !

    ok you are safe! all is normal now, excepting the display bug i told you few days ago... : when you click on a town you want to see the goods consumption, what is missing etc. to have a view of that you made a board with buttons... or with a scroll and this fµµµµµ scroll is just blocked!!!!! so HAVE a LOOK on it! for ex wurzburg.

    ty cause the game is unplayable without a correct view of hauled goods.

  • great news, yes. server is available . I lost bonus login. Thanks, if it is replaced . (if it is not replaced , - not thanks :-) )

  • I find myself either with swallows or crows asI bought rhinos every time I refresh and in addition with a variable number of locos... what the hell is that?