Problems with bonus videos - Report thread

  • Hello,

    there are still problems with the videos, on the ptr it does not pass, it's as usual.

    Another problem that dates from the beginning of the game 6 years ago, but very annoying now with the new graphics very neat, we need all the power to play and forced to play in full screen, but when we open a video l Total screen falls, it bothers the reading of the videos, then we must go back and put back in full screen, this is one more reason why the videos are never watched.

    il y a encore des problèmes avec les vidéos, sur le ptr ça ne passe pas, c'est comme d'habitude.

    Un autre problème qui remonte au début du jeu il y a 6 ans, mais très gênant maintenant avec les nouveaux graphismes très soignés, nous avons besoin de tout le pouvoir de jouer et de forcer à jouer en plein écran, mais lorsque nous ouvrons une vidéo l Écran total tombe , la lecture des vidéos gêne, puis nous devons revenir en arrière et revenir en plein écran, c’est une raison de plus pour laquelle les vidéos ne sont jamais visionnées.

    Best regards.

  • Hello pemmore,

    thanks for the report, I'll make an entry for it, though I'm not sure if this is fixable, since the Video-overlay is a Special case - but our developers will probably know ^^

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  • Problems watching the videos?

    If you have problems watching the videos, please report them here.

    So that we can solve the problems as soon as possible, we ask you to comment the video ID at the top left of the screen and the exact problem.

    Possible problems are e.g.: Video doesn't start, video stops, black screen, no reward for the video, skip button not working, and so on.


    Your Rail Nation Team.

  • in trying the new force feature, I was able to get that to work once...however now video number 22478 is looping on 478, force, watch 478 again, repeat this process … this occurs on all 3 stations where videos can be watch...the idea is great and I like it a lot... the video screen shows a quick play and then the dot just sets at the end of the video play timeline....there is no change even if play video (arrow) is pressed repeatedly...edge or chrome, windows 10 and video 21785 does the same

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  • I can not run videos on PTR1, PTR2. PTR3. There is no problem on the Czech server Rychlík. The number I see when I start playing video on black is 22674 - now tested on PTR 3 and PTR1. The number is the same. Afternoon - 4 pm - There was a number of 21785. No video will be displayed.

  • Thanks for your reports! Glad to keep it up.

    For those where the videos do not load, the image simply remains black and only the video ID is displayed, or is the video displayed but not playing?

  • The new feature worked for me but not all the time.

    When I reload It is often the video 22478 I can't watch. The image remains black.

  • Initially system is searching for a video but gets nowhere. Eventually displays "reload" instruction, when this is selected screen remains black and blank.

  • So I got the info that it could help if you delete the cache from time to time so the videos will play better.

    Also in PTR not all Partner videos are implemented, so it could happen that they work live, but not on ptr.



  • I cannot close the video window - no close button :(

    Opera 57.0.3098.106


    The next start of video shows this window with close button (and the same black screen) so it's ok


    • video_bug.JPG

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  • I cannot close the video window - no close button :(

    Opera 57.0.3098.106


    The next start of video shows this window with close button (and the same black screen) so it's ok

    Same here.. even if i click play 20 times it dont start.