Problems with bonus videos - Report thread

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  • Забываю брать бонусы в казначействе, на других серверах работало напоминание, было очень удобно.

  • Заметил, что за эпоху всего розыгрывалось 3 бонусных локомотива, как думаете не мало?

  • Since 3 weeks, no videos finish our work, what is happend?

    It's the same in cm05 I work with Mozilla, I don't like opera, too problems with ram.

  • I just had a weird error:

    At the begining of the Endgame, my "BolloX" engine (Video-Engine) only had Goods Era 5.

    Luckily enough, as I looked at a video, the win was Era 6 !!! Bam!

    (although, I HAD to laugh again, as I was then "allowed" to pull - 4 - (FOUR!!!!) further wagons in the EG, with a tempo of -328 km/h (feels like backwards, yes).

    The error, though was some hours later, as I wanted to haul another Era-6 good...

    Out of the blue - my Video-Engine couldn't !!

    Not that it really matters to me... it's more an annoyance, really, that this poor fella can't participate...

    - - -

    This reminds me, really - why did you put this video-thing in, at ALL??

    Was the main issue you had, that people didn't look at videos (meaning - less revenue for you,I assume), so you had to DOUBLE the video-time (x2) as a test????

    I mean; why can't we just stay with ONE video, that turns purple, when bonus is available??????

  • This new video lasts 1 minute - that is about 50sec too long, just BS. And one other video dont work, like never. What the fuck are you thinking - one minute bs video, and cant remove or fix older bugs??

    And watching videos, not getting even any money - this is also bs and waste of time.

    Fuckg videos, get real.

  • Das Video mit einer Minute ist def. zu lang. Wieso gibt es keinen Skip mehr wie früher bei Videos mit Überlänge? :(

    Der Westfale sagt "Moin" mehr ist gesabbel

  • A thing very fun,,

    Videos don't run on cm05 on pc and opera, it's run on a smartphone, with a repair solution,no vidéos but a counter 30 seconds and you have a gift,money,wagons and so one, return on the ;no gift!,pc don'nt follow the smartphone,use smartphone for gifts of videos is not agood ideaa.

    Best regards.