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  • Hello together,

    I moved your threads into our Video Problem Thread.

    Could you tell me if this happens on all PTR servers or just on one? On wich one?

    And do you know the ID from the Videos?



  • Hey Pia.

    Its in both PTR 1 and PTR 3.. Just testet it on PTR3, And it starts with the video ID: 23309 when i refress it goes to video ID: 21785. And it stays there no matter how many times i refress, but video never shows.

  • Hello togehter,

    I moved your reports in the right thread :)

    Also I passed the video IDs to our video partner, so they could try to find the error.



  • When playing videos from the widget I do not receive prize for watching second video. I always get the station bonus and the second video always plays, I just don't get the prize. This just started 1 or 2 days ago. When I first joined the session on PTR1 the videos worked fine. Now I only get the second prize if I watch from the train station

  • PTR 1 and 2 on Google Chrome

    videos are very hit and miss..

    sometimes I can watch one, very rarely will I ever be able to watch the bonus video. Majority of the time I cannot watch any videos at all.

  • Hello together.

    What means 'you can't watch any videos'?

    Does the video window doesn't open? Or does the videos not start or what does it looks like?



  • PTR1 - Video code in upper left corner - 24317 is a problem. I have to reload it multiple times before it will play, sometimes I have to refresh and then grab a different video to play. Which isn't to bad if it is the first one, for the station bonus, but when it's the second one, for the player bonus, I lose what ever prize I might have received.

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  • PTR1 - Video code 24317 continues to be a problem. It was the only video that would come up during the previous end game, and it refused to play, so I could not watch a single one. Now, at the start of an era 1, it comes up frequently and it still will not play at all. I have to log out and log back in to grab a different video. Even then I only get the station bonus as it tends to grab 24317 for the personal bonus.

    Please fix this video or remove it from the pool until a fix is found.

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  • PTR1- Video 24317 is about the only one that is selected for me. It takes multiple login / logouts to grab a different video that I can actually play.

    I have noticed that occasionally the video windows opens with 17491 and then switches to 24317. Sometimes it goes from 17491 to 21781 and then to 24317.

    Those other codes are only displayed for less than a second, even so, I've seen them so many times I'm pretty sure I have them correct.

  • I've believe I've found a work around for video code 24317. At least it's worked the past dozen or so times. 'X' out of the 'secure special bonus' screen, at the next screen where is says 'Video stopped' hit RESTART, the video will still fail, but this time wait for the 'reload' option in the video screen. Click reload and a video will play.

    It also doesn't seem to matter which order this happens in, they just need to both be done, once. I've done both 'restart' the 'reload' and a 'reload' then a 'restart'. Each time I got a video to play.