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  • Ik dacht dat je hebt 2500 goud elk tijdperk op PTR2 maar nu 3 tijdperk niets anders kreeg ik van de vorige prt nog wat is dit een bug?

    I thought you got 2500 gold every era on ptr2 but now 3 era nothing else I got from the previous prt still what is this a bug?

  • Hello zeeheld,

    why do you think you'd get Gold at the era start?

    If you're referring to the old System on PTR, where everyone got 2000 Gold each week, we changed that so now you have 8000 Gold from the start, but it has to suffice for the whole round.

    Or, if you mean the Festival where you get 2000 Gold as well, that round is currently running on PTR3, but you had to preregister to participate.

    Or did you Maybe mean something else?

    Best regards,


  • oke i the beginning where you start is still the words by every era you get 2500 gold

    but oke 8000 in the beginnen is also oke thanks