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  • Apparently there will be no more ROUND BONUS's in the PTR Rounds but the 8000 given at the beginning of the game should last throughout. This is ridiculous especially to introduce without notice (I never received one). This, I expect will leave most players without a PLUS ACCOUNT for most of the rest of the game. This makes the game unplayable and certainly un-winnable. Please reconsider this move as I believe a lot of players will leave the current games and probably won't be back.

  • Karo replied to several of the post's concerning this with the response that pointed us to the New Forum. Not under a Gold announcement, not even under a server announcement. But it is buried in the New Forum announcment that was about, the New Forum. This is poor communication skills at best. I saw the New Forum announcement, read the headline and moved on. I already knew we had a new Forum and had little reason to suspect that there would be vital game play information in a post concerning, the New Forum. So no, I did not read that part and it is obvious neither did the vast majority of other players. I am not quitting, I play both regular servers and the PTR servers. I just hope that RN learns an important lesson in this, and that is to please give more specific posts on upcoming SERVER changes. Leave the New Forum post just for that, Forum topics! Please separate the two going forward, much less confusion that way.