• Good morning,

    this is not a real Bug, but it's annoying.

    There are players who enjoy ruining the work of others.

    They break the majorities just out of spite, they are unintelligent people.

    Even more annoying in real servers, where real money is spent to play.

    I do not know what to suggest, but I think there should be rules in order to invest in industries.

    Best regards


  • to tell the truth ... there are already rules about it ...

    1.) Every player has the right to invest everywhere

    2.) no player, no company has the exclusive sole right to any factory or any majority

    since RN exists, this is discussed again and again

    and RN is doing very well not to change this existential system and gamedesgin

  • I agree, thats a normal way to play the game. It`s quiet a mess but what to do?

    You`ll find it on every server, never mind which kind, ptr or live.

    We all have to deal with it!