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  • Hei SParkling,

    as I wrote in the announcement, all players only come to the server in groups of 15 minutes apart. Since you were one of the last players to register in advance, you are in group 11. This means that you should arrive at the server around 16:30. The countdown in the lobby shows you the exact time.



  • It doesn't matter which group you chose on pre-registration. Only the point of time (when you choose your group) matters. Choose early, be in early. Choose late, be in late.

  • No the groupes you choose have nothing to do with the start time. They are only for when you want to play with your friends and we open more than one server so that you come on the same server.

    The Start time you could log in only depends to how early you bought your ticket. so in groupe 8 could be a person who bought his ticket directly and starts direct at the beginning, and another person who bought his ticket later and starts an hour later.

    I don't now how to call it right... maybe the server groupes you choose while the preregistration and the start groupes wich depend on how early you bought your ticket.

  • Das Spiel startet bei mir auch nicht. Ich soll die Sprache auswählen und dann geht es nicht mehr weiter. Doof.

    Probier einen anderen Browser. Mit Firefox hakte es bei mir an der Stelle auch. Ein anderen Browser funktionierte und dann gings auch wieder mit Firefox.

  • i cant join either, get to the 'choose language' page and that is where it stops. click on the continue button and nothing!!!

  • Danke für die Meldungen! Wir schauen uns das morgen an. Ich hoffe dass ein anderer Browser euch vorerst hilft!



    Thanks for reporting! We will checking this tomorrow. I hope another Browser will fix the Problem temporary for you.



  • I'm kinda upset. I don't believe it was clear to me that the registration event was for this game rather than a game more immediate to said registration. I'm feeling left out and discriminated against, but good luke with your test anyway... G

  • Hello Gozarian,

    I'm sorry if we weren't clear enough on that, but I would have thought it was normal to expect a test round for the actual Festival after the preregistration, even if we didn't announce it explicitly.

    On the other Hand, we gave you the opportunity to Register and asked you to test it, so it's not like we didn't want to include you ^^ Or did I musunderstand your Point?

  • hello,^^ dont drink and eat too much! better play and drink green tee as the planet crash down... neverthemind i finaly connect the game as everyone, but there is still a problem with flashplayer, allways have to active it.

    btw ty for the smart Xtras.

    have a good day, cheers big ears!

  • ich möchte ptr3 spielen

    Ich distanziere mich hiermit ausdrücklich von meinen Beiträgen, da ich keinerlei Einfluss auf deren Gestaltung oder Inhalt habe