Birthday Festival SERVER (PTR3) - Feedback, Bugs and Questions

  • +++ PTR 3 Festival Server Start +++

    Hello everyone, the PTR Festival server started half an hour ago and gradually all players will have access until this afternoon.

    Some information in advance, what you should pay special attention to.

    - When you enter the server for the first time, a welcome pop-up will open and you will receive the 10.000 starting gold, further resources and information.

    - The features Gold Buy, Gold Carryover, Super Starter Pack, Tutorial, Preregistration, Gold Rush, Invite Friends, Redeem Bonus Codes and the Tutorial should be disabled for the entire round

    - For the start of each further era a Pop Up should open, over which you receive further 2000 Gold

    - At the end of the round there will be a special final screen, in addition to the normal one.

    - In the next few days you will receive special avatar items that should not be available for purchase through the Bonus log.

    - The era change in Sitter mode should not cause any problems with the Gold Pop Up.

    - We introduce the server every week for 2 days, so each era lasts only 5 days.

    - The lobby ad for the running server will be added later.

    Feedback, bugs and questions are welcome in Discord or in the forum under the provided threads.

    Many greetings, have fun and thank you very much,

    Your Rail Nation team.

  • and where do we find the hour of our group can come into? ^^ and about the players beginning ealier; i guess you find an incentive for the others?

  • Hei Graydar,

    did you preregister a few weeks ago on one of the three ptr servers for 2000gold?

    Otherwise you can't enter the PTR3 this round.



  • Hei Lox12,

    I think we will solve this 'problem' with some free tickets or train vouchers for all.



  • Warum sind wir heute schon beim 4 Tag, wenn der Server gestern erst gestartet ist?

    Was sollen der Scheiß schon wieder?

    Ich habe mir die Ankündigungen alle durchgelesen. Und dort stand, dass jede Epoche 5 Tage statt 7 Tage dauern wird. Die 2 Tage wurden heute im Laufe des Tages vorgezogen.

    Wenn Dir der Testserver, auf dem es immer wieder Überraschungen gibt, zu anstrengend ist, solltest Du es lieber bleiben lassen, hier zu fahren. Denn derartige Aktionen werden hier immer wieder passieren.

  • Hei Wilton Knight,

    Ich zitiere mich hier mal selbst:

    Wie schwanii schon richtig erläutert hat, werden wir wie in der Ankündigung erwähnt jede Epoche auf dem PTR3 um zwei Tage vorstellen, sodass jede Epoche 5 Tage läuft. Auf dem PTR kann es immer mal vorkommen dass wir Runden frühzeitig abbrechen oder zeitlich oder anderweitig verändern müssen um unsere Tests vernünftig laufen zu lassen. Damit versuchen wir sicher zu stellen, dass auf den Live Servern nachher alles rund lauft. Als Dankeschön für euer mitwirken hier und als Ausgleich für die Umstände, erhaltet ihr jede Runde auf den PTR servern 8000 Gold for free.



  • not sure if this was mentioned in the posts above but what about coupling? losing 2 days will make coupling very difficult and therefore be a handicap to most players.

  • Hei Nick3,

    I think with 10.000 Gold you should be able to expand your laboratory faster and higher than in a normal game, so it shouldn't be a big problem to reach the coupling.



  • that is not the point. if this is supposed to be a test of a real server that will have 7 day eras then using gold to increase lab is not what most people will use gold for in a real server situation.

  • For what do you really need the coupling?

    if you expand lab normally with money,

    if you go into the epoch change with full research points,

    if you use the epoch package,

    then the coupling is not important, because you can always use good locos.

    think a little more

    a little less whine :rolleyes:

  • thanks for the tips but i dont appreciate 'whine' the comment. this is a test server - how can we test if we dont get to play the whole game?

  • thanks for the tips but i dont appreciate 'whine' the comment. this is a test server - how can we test if we dont get to play the whole game?

    I personally think, that we have to be finished in time, before the Festival goes to the Live-Server. And we have to play the Endgame before End of January.

  • @ Saturin

    can you please be a bit less arrogant - there are people who are not so specialized as you but you always treat poeple in such a bad way !

    Did your mom and dad not teach you any good behavior or manners ????

    And this is not the first time I recognized that.

    Pull your act together and answer - if you have to answer at all - in a nice way or leave it !

    And next time read what people are answering as NickR did - therefore your comment makes no sence what so ever !!!

    that is not the point. if this is supposed to be a test of a real server that will have 7 day eras then using gold to increase lab is not what most people will use gold for in a real server situation.

    Or you´ll just answer for the points ?

    Even the moderators are answering in a nice and kind way - who do you think you are ?

    Think about it !!!!

    Kindest regards

  • Good morning everybody,

    I would like to ask you to return to a productive discussion and friendly tone. In the PTR forum we don't often block players, but here we also have the possibility.

    And NickR sometimes we don't need to test the whole workflow, but special positions in the game. And also sometimes we have deadlines ;)

    So a speedtest is in some situations more useful for us, as a normal round.



  • This must be a festival server, i wonder what is so special on this server what are the winnings that players take with them on the live servers, i don't think it's worth 2000 gold on the live server when there is nothing really special on this server to win, we go now fast forward so you gave us extra things like lab and vouchers but still i really like to know why this would be intresting for the live servers that players want to pay 2000 gold bought with real money to play it, as far as u can see it as it is now, i wouldn't do it. and when they ask me if it would be intresting to play it then i would advise against it.

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  • Hi everyone,

    can anyone tell me what is so special on this festival server apart from having a lot of gold to play the round? I am not sure that when people from a live server, having to buy 2K gold, and buying access to this server, are not disappointed, though they get through the game round a lot of gold to play with... If someone would ask me currently: Is it worth to play this server I would not have any answer - even if the era lasts 7 days....just to play this server in live conditions to spend 2K gold on it, I would not recommend it currently,,,, if there would be a special treat at the end and people will get something that they can take over to other servers it might be a little bit different.
    However, I simply would suggest that the birthday festival can be done on normal live servers with special tasks and treats instead of this special festival server. The majority of players just wants to play and having to spend 2K gold which need to be bought first off, is not really something that many would prefer, in addition to me thinking that those players would be disappointed when they play the server - 10K gold during game and 2k at each era do not rectify for me spending 2K gold initially...

    Best Regards