Special Gold Offer

  • It is the only way to get in touch. The regular server just finished the endgame and the next server starts in a week. HOW CAN I GET MY HANDS ON A GOLD OFFER NOW????"That also includes all the other players. The least I can say NOT FAIR. So can we get a code to get gold WHEN WE ACTUALLY CAN BUY GOLD???

  • please be patient!

    not always grumble immediately,

    regular live servers, which are pausing at the moment, get the special offer to buy gold a little later, when the servers are started again.

    it has always been that way and will be like this again, of course!

    no reason to worry!

    You do not lose this special offer!

  • Hello,

    Thank you for explaining, Saturnin, it's just as you say. For every Flashsale, we make another one About 2 Weeks later for all the Servers that were excluded because they're down or around the endgame at the time.

    cowboysimon If you want to make sure, you can tell me your regular Server, then I'll check if it's in our list.

    And btw, I'm happy to answer your Question (or have it answered, in this case ^^) but I, too, would appreciate a little less Aggression … and especially Capslock.

    Best regards,