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  • Hello gilbelletje,

    the Winter Event is scheduled to last 8 days, so the screen won't show up any more. You can only still see your rank if you click on the Event Building in your Station.

    But we will probably Restart the event next week.

    Best regards,


  • Please when you restart the event can you also take care that the video's are working, several video's don't work and when you keep getting them it's very frustrating. It was the only task i couldn't do at all.

  • Hello Perdita,

    unfortunately, Fixing the Videos isn't in our Hands, but in the provider's. The Problems are reported and being worked on, but I can't tell you how much Progress they've made yet.

  • the amount of collecting stations (200) is a little steep for a casual player that spends more time over on the scenario side....thinking 100 would be a better number but otherwise tasks are doable so 6 ptr 3

  • Code
    1. do you have a solution to complete this quest, all cities are connected and the investments to join another region are much too high, even with the whole asso we can not make it
  • Hello,

    we will review the quests based on your feedback for this Event, so they might be changed next time - thanks a lot for Posting your thoughts.

    gilbelletje That Situation is similar to the Problem when you have already fully unlocked your Research tree and can't spent any more points, so at the Moment, it doesn't solve automatically.

    But again, we will talk About all the quests afterwards, and based on the decisions made so far, I'd say there's a good Chance we'll adjust that quest as well - no promises though ;)

    Best regards,