videos bis repetita

  • Hello,

    Yesterday I received an email from the central concerning mainly videos, indices of satisfaction etc.

    If you need to increase reading bonuses ..

    Obviously it worries them to see anyone watching, I also received a message from Google a week ago, probably the impact of lack of results for its customers.

    That's what it's all about when you can not read it, it does not go, or it's too slow, obviously the time is limited, your servers can not keep up, my 3 video on the S5 I took 15 minutes to read them, on the ptr3 I simply gave up, always the 78 and 85 for closing the debate.

    Yet I am beyond 15,000 visions.

    You have to react.


  • what do you expect when the video's don't work, after trying over and over again i can imagen and count me on it too that players stop watching video's, glad enough on the normal servers the video's work