PTR 2 - Winter Market Quests & Event

  • The winter market quests does not have enough info to know what to do and the winter event needs more explanation on how to play,
    Please advise.

  • Hello Speedbuggy,

    do you have questions about a specific part of the Event? I'd actually say the quest are formulated pretty clearly: The text always says what you shold do, and the numbers and the bar below it show your progress.

  • no it is not, Lars
    I think too, many things are not clear enough
    especially ...
    above the purchases and below the packages
    ... when and how and where should I do something there ... all that is not very clear :/

  • My statement was just about the quests themselves. I know that the Event as a whole takes a little time to understand, especially the ressource part.

    That's why I always ask for specific things players don't understand. First, because I want to know which parts are a problem, and second because it's probably more effective if I explain them one by one, instead of just repeating the summary that is already given in the game.

  • Hello all my quest say

    IDS_Seasonal_Winter_Quest_17_Title 96/100

    They have no description, I have no idea what 96/100 is referring to.


  • Hei Speed Buggy,
    in which language do you Play ?
    The winter Event is only translated to german and english until now.
    In other languages there are only the text strings displayed.


  • Hei Speed Buggy and Kalkulator,

    did you Choose UK english or US english ?
    Only UK english works.
    If you choose US english, please try UK english and report back if it still doesn't work.

    Thanks for your report Hannibal Solo. It Looks like the Day 2 Quest didn't work for all Player.
    To Prevent Errors like this one, we already add every Player a few more winter coins at the beginning of the game.
    I hope the following quests will work as hoped.


  • Hei SlevenKalevera,
    you can Change the language via the Options in the upper Right Corner and then under menu item 'languages' Change to english (UK).