• Dear PTR- Players,

    we would like to ask for your help finding the causes of some specific and annoying bugs, which, despite several different attempts, we haven’t been able to reproduce yet.

    1. Problems after ending Sitter Mode, like being able to read the messages of the sitted account, or actually still being in that account.
    Also, there have been reports that the Sitter mode won’t start at all, and you only get a black screen.

    2. Partly freezing factory screens, especially after making invests and trying to close them.

    3. Missing content in City- or Association-Chat.

    We would welcome any reliable reproduction steps for these issues. Ideally, you can open the developer console while playing and send us the newest logs if one of them should show up.
    Please note that the logs might contain sensible data, so please only send them if you’re sure that nothing of that kind is shown, and only send them via Personal Message.

    We will give out ingame-rewards, mainly gold, for your Live-Accounts to anyone who provides helpful insight into these Problems.

    Thanks a lot for your help in advance,
    your Railnation-Team

  • hello

    i have see black screen several time, but not all time (25% fault)
    maybe problem slowness internet (end day))
    refresh reconnection
    and i see my trains

    some times
    requires good are not displaying
    no wood on board factory

    developper console
    i haven't

    bisoux de paris

  • Hi Crogiez,

    thanks for your Feedback.
    Internet Connection or Performance might very well be the reason for the frequent Blackscreen, but we would like to rule out other things as well, just to be sure.

    The missing displayed goods in factories sound new to me, does it happen when you just open the screen, or when you make an investment or anything? Maybe you could send a screenshot when it happens again?

    Best regards,

  • Sur le ptr 3 la disparition de la gare pour moi n'est pas une bonne idée avec la loterie qui ne s'efface pas, l'ancienne version était plus causante.

    En bas à droite les 4 plots + - les villes ma ville sont régulièrement cachés par des annonces encombrantes, il faudrait les déplacer.

    Depuis les débuts du jeu il y a un problème quand je cherche a recruter un joueur je clique sur le personnage, ensuite ses locomotives sa gare avant d'envoyer une invit, sauf que le jeu en flash ne permet pas le retour et la recherche est perdue, vous devez mettre un guillemet de retour sur chaque page ouverte afin de revenir à l'origine.

    On ptr 3 the disappearance of the station for me is not a good idea with the lottery that does not fade, the old version was more causative.

    In the bottom right the 4 plots + - the cities my city are regularly hidden by cumbersome ads, it would move them.

    Since the beginning of the game there is a problem when I try to recruit a player I click on the character, then his locomotives his station before sending an invite, except that the game in flash does not allow the return and the search is lost, you must put a quotation mark back on every open page in order to return to the origin.

    Best regards