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  • hello
    I am blocked
    i have start directly after era2 starting
    i make the tutorial
    i can open game
    i see my $
    i can open mail
    i cant open help
    i can see research tree
    i cant open my station
    i have "assistant" but i am not assistant of me
    i cant make no schedule change
    can you help me ?

  • I am having same problem. I log in as a sitter to myself. I can see my trains running but cannot make a schedule change. I cannot click on a facility to invest. I cannot get into my Train Station and I cannot move my map around. This square I see is all I can see. I cannot move the map at all.

  • Good morning,

    thats because you bought the starter package.
    You should be able to log in since the last Boost a few minutes ago.