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  • I'm in MIAMI and our City has ready level 24 -- but into Endgame Ranking List we are not under the first 10 Cities! Could you explane me this problem?

    Thanks a Lot!

    Into Citty ranking List we are on place 7 with Miami ---

  • Hello Erbosci,

    that's just a Display error in the Endgame-Ranking; for some reason, the cities that will become Megacities as of now are listed at the Bottom. But as far as we've seen, they will still start into the endgame correctly.

    Best regards,


  • Passed city competitions. But the factors did not appear. Is this a mistake or should it be, if it should be, then where can you see the multiplier of prices for goods?

  • Hello Hemping,

    the Icons for CC_Bonus not showing up is indeed a bug, but it's fixed on our side and will be on PTR-Servers as well with the next update.

    The clipping of Trains and waggons isn't something we Change Right now, because the 3D-Models simply have different sizes, but we're planning to overhaul the visuals on the map for later Versions.

    Best regards,


  • Hello,

    sorry for the late answer. I guess it would be silly to ask if the Train in the Picture was transporting the Competition-good? ^^

    My guess is that the visual Display was a little behind the actual calculation, so the Train was already in the City, but shown as in front of it.

  • Hi to Sparkling and hello to Pia_BF both PTR 1 and PTR 3 iam active in booth most things work videos are terrible missing 102 winter coins wherever they end up is anyone guess but multi tasking train routes and buying and selling in multiple numbers seems to ironed out there have been a few iderror message pops up once in a while but most frustrating is trying to get winter coins and being denied the whole idea atm is to obtain as many diamonds via winter coins and all 102 disappear into Sparklings Station because she rigged the game LOL !

  • Hello again!

    Since the Techtree Test is finisched, I closed this thread.

    Please open a new thread with a meaningful title in the English section of PTR3 for every new error that has not yet been reported in the forum.

    This helps us to keep the overview and also other players can see faster and better if their bug has been reported before or not.