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  • Hello DiWat,

    did you check if you a high enough level for the multislot-engines in both Engine house and Station Concourse? I checked your data, and it should indeed be enough for 2 Hypnos in general, but since I don't know your Engine List in that moment, it's hard to say.

    And did you maybe buy 2 of them at once? Because there's an error that they will be counted incorrectly then, so maybe try to buy one at a time.

    in any case, we'll continue to finde the source of the problem, thanks for your report.

    Best regards,

  • I can confirm seeing this, too.

    If memory serves, this happens when you buy a multi-slot passenger train, even if (or especially if?) you do (sic!) have the requisite number of free slots in the active trains roster, AND in the station concourse.

    Maybe related: Somewhere, it does not register that it is multi-slot. I think if you look in the station concourse, where it says "## still available," the multi-slot trains are only counted as one.

  • Cant be that easy. after selling a couple of engines I have 15 engine slots free (I countet the engines myself). I still get the error.