unusual pattern for log in to game

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  • in order for me to log in to this server, i must completely turn off my laptop, then restart and proceed thru the normal process of getting to the game...when i leave another ptr game or if i am playing one of the regular server games and i attempt to go thru the steps ( closing rn, logging out of my internet provider, re logging in, then going thru normal start procedures) to bring the game it is unresponsive...i show a screen with a bank that is maxxed out, william says i need to mentor someone, and i have to stop sitting for someone...no buttons or tabs work for me..the turning off of my computer allows the game to work fine...i use google chrome as isp

  • it often happens to me to log in and find myself in sitting with a full bank ...
    I update the page and the game returns to normal
    I consider it appropriate to emphasize that I have no one in sitting

    PTR2 and PTR3

  • Hello,

    we're currently trying to reproduce this problem, but this is a really weird issue that only occurs now and then, so it's a little difficult.

    @pennsy, did you try to just refresh your Browser? Because with all the reports we got so far, this resolved the problem... otherwise, it would be another problem.

    Best regards,