waiting for pax

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  • i am just beginning the second era on ptr1 in brussels...my hassle is neither this city or my closest neighbor has reached level 5 ..so i cannot run pax yet... while this is not a problem playing the game ..it is a problem with the tasks lucy has given me...i cannot get thru all of her assigned tasks which doesn't allow me to use the + account advantages that i have such as servicing multiple trains at 1 time or setting multiple schedules with 2 clicks...it is aggavating to be this far along in the game and not to be able to use the full spectrum of abilities that the game has given me

  • Hello Pennsy,

    unfortunately, in this case you'll have to wait for one of the cities to level up, or maybe connecte a lvl5-city that's further away.

    But you should be able to use all functions without solving all the quests, as long as you unlock them. You can do that by opening Lucy's dialogue and click on "unlock all functions."

    Best regards,